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The Gibbon Journal publishes orignal papers in English or in German language on all aspects of gibbon natural history. It is distributed electronically and published annually by the Gibbon Conservation Alliance (

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Published so far:

Gibbon Journal No. 6

Gibbon Journal Issue No. 6 (May 2011)

43 pages
3.4 MB

Articles from this issue:  
Stephen Browne, Frank Momberg and Thomas Geissmann: Hoolock gibbon status and conservation: Editorial
Dilip Chetry and Rekha Chetry: Hoolock gibbon conservation in India
M. Anwarul Islam, S. B. Muzaffar, Mostafa M. Feeroz, M. Mofizul Kabir, S. Begum, Gawsia Wahidunnessa Chowdhury, M. Abdul Aziz, Suprio Chakma and Israt Jahan: Hoolock gibbon conservation in Bangladesh
Ngwe Lwin, Thomas Geissmann, Saw Soe Aung, Thet Naing Aung, Zin Myo Aung, Tony Htin Hla, Mark Grindley and Frank Momberg: The Myanmar Hoolock Gibbon Conservation Status Review: First results
Peng-Fei Fan and Huai-Sen Ai: Conservation status of the eastern hoolock gibbon (Hoolock leuconedys) in China
Gawsia Wahidunnessa Chowdhury, M. Anwarul Islam, S. B. Muzaffar, M. Mofizul Kabir, Israt Jahan, M. Abdul Aziz, M. Kamrul Hasan, Suprio Chakma, S. Saif, M. Uddin, R. Akter and Samiul Mohsanin: Saving hoolock gibbon in Bangladesh, protecting forests, and conserving biodiversity through awareness building
Jayanta Das, Jihosuo Biswas, N. Das, Sanjay Molur and Fred Bagley: Strategic plan for western hoolock gibbon conservation in Assam, India

Gibbon Journal No. 5

Gibbon Journal Issue No. 5 (Mai 2009)

100 pages
6.9 MB

Articles from this issue:  
Simon M. Cutting: Gabriella's gibbon
Thomas Geissmann, Mark Grindley, Frank Momberg, Ngwe Lwin, and Saw Moses: Hoolock gibbon and biodiversity survey and training in southern Rakhine Yoma, Myanmar
Jeff Brown: Status of the western black crested gibbon (Nomascus concolor) in the Nam Ha National Protected Area, Lao PDR
Ni Qingyong and Jiang Xuelong: Crested gibbons in southeastern Yunnan, China: Status and conservation
Fan Peng-Fei and Huo Sheng: The northern white-cheeked gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) is on the edge of extinction in China
Thomas Geissmann: Door slamming: Tool-use by a captive white-handed gibbon (Hylobates lar)
Thomas Geissmann and Gustl Anzenberger: Hormonal correlates of the ovarian cycle in the yellow-cheeked crested gibbon (Nomascus gabriellae), and a review of ovarian cycles in gibbons (Hylobatidae)
Michelle Rafacz, Sue Margulis, Rachel Santymire: Comparing the role of androgens in paternal care between gibbon species
Thomas Geissmann, Katja Geschke and Barbara J. Blanchard: Longevity in gibbons (Hylobatidae)

Gibbon Journal No. 4

Gibbon Journal Issue No. 4 (May 2008)

80 pages
2.5 MB

Articles from this issue:  
Thomas Geissmann: Gibbon paintings in China, Japan, and Korea: Historical distribution, production rate and context
Julia Ruppell: The gibbons of Pu Mat National Park in Vietnam
Zsófia Clemens, Björn Merker, and Mária Ujhelyi: Observations on paternal care in a captive family of white-handed gibbons (Hylobates lar)
Thomas Geissmann: Inter-group conflict in captive siamangs (Symphalangus syndactylus)
Thomas Geissmann and Brigitte Manella: Steroid secretion in siamang (Symphalangus syndactylus) skin glands
Eva Maria Eberl: A primate "motor theory of sound perception": Three case studies with gibbons

Gibbon Journal No. 3

Gibbon Journal Issue No. 3 (April 2007)

80 pages
3.6 MB

Articles from this issue:  
Thomas Geissmann: Status reassessment of the gibbons: Results of the Asian Primate Red List Workshop 2006
Roger Konrad and Thomas Geissmann: Menschenrechte für Gibbons? Versuche mit Menschenaffen [Human rights for gibbons? Experiments with apes ]
Karen L. Payne and Clare Campbell: Ex-situ conservation of the Javan silvery gibbon (Hylobates moloch)
Livia Haag: Gibbons in the smoke: Experiences of a field study on Bornean white-bearded gibbons (Hylobates albibarbis) in Central Kalimantan (Indonesia)
Petra Österberg: The vanishing ape of Bangladesh: A report from the hoolock gibbon’s last stronghold in the country
Thomas Geissmann, Trinh Dinh Hoang, La Quang Trung, and Lucy Tallents: A brief survey for crested gibbons in Bach Ma National Park, central Vietnam
Julia Ruppell: The gibbons of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam
Thomas Geissmann: First field data on the Laotian black crested gibbon (Nomascus concolor lu) of the Nam Kan area of Laos
Makiko Uchikoshi and Tetsuro Matsuzawa: Tooth eruption in two agile gibbons (Hylobates agilis)

Gibbon Journal No. 2

Gibbon Journal Issue No. 2 (April 2006)

56 pages
3.6 MB

Articles from this issue:  
Thomas Geissmann: Schutz des Hainan-Schopfgibbons, des seltensten Menschenaffen der Welt: Ein Projektbericht [Conservation of the Hainan black crested gibbon,
the most endangered ape species: A project report]
Thomas Geissmannn, Sybille Traber and Andrea von Allmen: Das Nangunhe-Naturreservat, Provinz Yunnan, China: Ein Projektbericht [Nangunhe Nature Reserve, Yunnan Province,
China: A project report]
Thomas Geissmann, Robert Dallmann and Vincent Nijman: The fate of diurnal primates in southern Sumatra
Melissa S. Waller: Rain and Kloss's gibbons: A travelogue from the Mentawai islands in Indonesia
Sally A. Keith: Conservation status of the Kloss's gibbon (Hylobates klossii) in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
Vincent Nijman: Trade in Bornean gibbons
Thomas Geissmann: Forschungsbesprechung: Hulocks erhalten einen neuen Gattungsnamen [Research Review: Hoolocks get a new genus
Sandrine N. Dam: A short study on wild hoolock gibbons (Hoolock hoolock) in Assam and Bangladesh

Gibbon Journal No. 1

Gibbon Journal Issue No. 1 (March 2005)

29 pages
1.7 MB

Articles from this issue:  
Thomas Geissmann: Der Hainan-Schopfgibbon - Der bedrohteste Menschenaffe der Welt [The Hainan black crested gibbon: The world’s most endangered ape]
Cyril C. Grüter: Der Nanguanhe-Regenwald im Südwesten Chinas - Eines der letzten Rückzugsgebiete für chinesische Gibbons [The Nanguanhe rain forest in southwest China: One of the last habitats for Chinese gibbons]
Roger Konrad: Auf Stimmenfang in Kambodscha - Ein Reisebericht [Recording voices in Cambodia: A travelogue]
Thomas Geissmann: Auf der Suche nach den letzten Gibbons von Hainan [In search of the last gibbons of Hainan]


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