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The creation of the Gibbon Conservation Alliance

In December 2003, Dr Thomas Geissmann gave a presentation at the Anthropologcal Institute of Zurich University, wherein he presented information on the imminent extinction of several gibbon species and on lack of public awareness about these threats. On 4 December 2003, as a result of this presentation, several students of the Anthroplogical Institute decided to help gibbon conservation by creating the Gibbon Conservation Alliance together with Thomas Geissmann. The constitutional assembly of the Gibbon Conservation Alliance was held on 5 February 2004.

Foundation of the Gibbon Conservation Alliance
Photo: Founding members of the Gibbon Conservation Alliance at the Irchel campus of Zurich University.



The Gibbon Conservation Alliance supports research on gibbon biology in general and projects aimed towards the improvement of gibbon conservation in particular. The Gibbon Conservation Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation. Funds come from:


The current projects of the Gibbon Conservation Alliance are presented here.

Public work

This website presents an Introduction to gibbons, a reports on Threats to the gibbons, and reports on the Projekts of the Gibbon Conservation Alliance.

The Gibbon Conservation Alliance publishes the Gibbon Journal. It appears once a year and presents reports on gibbon conservation and research. The Gibbon Journal and other publications by the Gibbon Conservation Alliance are presented here.

A more detailed introduction to gibbon biology is provided by Thomas Geissmann's text-book "Vergleichende Primatologie [Comparative Primatology]" (ISBN 3-540-43645-6 ), published by Springer in 2003. It is the only teaching book on primate biology in German language and the first book to give gibbons equal space alongside the other apes.

With, Thomas Geissmann created the largest internet portal on the gibbons. It provides freely accessible information, publications, pictures, sound recordings, video material and education texts. Among other publications, the book "Vietnam Primate Conservation Status Review 2000: Gibbons" can be downloaded from there in its entirety. This book was published in collaboration with the conservation organisation Fauna and Flora International. It is the first book on gibbon conservation.

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